4 - 8 Minute Hightlight Film

Highlight Films come in different shapes and sizes. Full audio, "Reel Style", half day coverage, full day coverage. It is totally up to you and full customizable.

Starting at $3,500


If you know that you want Emma and I to be the team of photo of video on your wedding day booking us together is going to get you a sweet discount.


Wedding Day Movie

If you are looking for the best film money can buy this is it. Much longer that traditional wedding highlight films (12+ minutes) Incdules a bridal session and studio reading of vows and letters prior to wedding day if desired.

Starting at $8,000


How would you define your style?

Beautifully colored, high quality images that, when coupled with the audio from your wedding day, bring you back to the moments and emotions that you felt during your wedding.

Further Commentary
- The filmmaker you choose to shoot your wedding is a big deal. Our job is to tell the story of your day not only through beautifully composed and edited images, but also music, and audio from the day.

My goal is to create a wedding film that is warm, filled with love, full of creativity composed shots, and beautiful colored. I put a lot of emphasis on the color and quality of the footage. My films are shot in 4k and I spend alot of time color grading all of the footage so that it holds up well even against your wedding photos.

The audio from your day (vows, letters, first looks) is very important in the editing process. I generally use that audio to tell the story of the day and stir up emotion.

Where are you based and do you travel?

I am based out of SWFL and will shoot anywhere in the world.

Further Commentary
My Fiancé and I love to travel. I grew up in California and moved out to Florida after we started dating. Traveling for work is one of my favorite things to do especially because I am often travelling with Emma.

When will we get our video?

Highlight Films take anywhere from 8-10 weeks to get back. The higher end videos that I offer can take up to 12 weeks to get back.